The waiting of humanity for FREEdom
Ancient civilizations and free energy
Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference 2013
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"Ancient Civilizations and Free Energy" by Michael Tellinger,
typed and translated into German by
Regina Rau
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Michael Tellinger

Ancient civilizations and free energy

Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference - October 11, 2013 in Boulder, Colorado/USA
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The History of Our Planet - more mysterious and strange, than most of us can imagine
Who are we? Where do we come from? Why are we here?
what do Ancient Civilizations have to do with
The Break Through Of Free Energy?
Humans are Species With Amnesia - Money is in the way
We are searching for FREE ENERGY
FREE ENERGY will truly liberate humanity
Money is in the flow of life!
Human Origins - Sound and Resonance - Provide the Answers!
Hidden Occult Messages
What is Sound?
The Source Of Sound was the Inspiration For Religious Symbols,
that have taken "Control Of Humanity" through this information
The Universe Vibrates in Harmony and Coherent Unity
If Humanity goes against that - we kickstart our own extinction!
What Sound and Resonance Can Do
Spontaneous Generation Of DNA
Boiling Water with Sound
Acoustic Levitation
The Aboriginal Creation Story - Sound can Form Matter
Sounds can create Mountains
Nikola Tesla was using The Sound of Gaia
Waves and Frequencies coming out of the Pyramid
Ed Leedskalnin - Levitation of Heavy Rocks
Cone Shaped Tools Around Stone Circles in Africa
The Stone-Circles in South Africa
What Is It All About?
The Entwined Essence- DNA!
How Many Of These Ruins Are There?
What Kind Of Stone Is It?
What Are These Stones Made Of?
Lazer Technology uses Light - Sazer Technology Uses Sound
So Where Is The FLAGSHIP Among These Ruins?
Adams Calendar
Each Stone Circle: Energetic Blood Point sucking out energy through sound at that particular space!
Giant ENERGY Grid creating huge amounts of energy - all for the mining of gold ...
And What Is It For? What Were These Anunnaki All About?
We Need To Work With Vortex Coil Technology
So We Already Have Free Energy but it is up to us, if we will manage to use it!
What Were The Channels For? Electromagnetic Transport Levitation
Earth Grid connected by all the ancient sites!
What Were The Ancient Sites All About?
Advanced Technology on a giantic scale!
The Energy Grid Around The Earth Is The Rules!
The sound, the humans create on earth, provides the Energy for the Anunnaki
The Energy Grid Around The Earth Is The Rules!
The sound, the humans create on earth, provides the Energy for the Anunnaki
The Rules: The Energy Grid around the Earth!
We Are The Source Of Our Own Enslavement!
Humans provides the Energy for the Anunnaki
Why Do Churches Have Steeples?
What Have We Learnt From This?
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Run time: 1:15:41 Min - Produced by: Globalbem - Language: English

Presentation: Scholars have told us that the first civilization on earth emerged in a land called Sumer some 6000 years ago. Recent archeological findings suggest that the Sumerians may have inherited much of their knowledge from an earlier civilization that emerged many thousands of years earlier in Southern Africa -- the cradle of humankind. Extensive scientific evaluation over a 2-year period has shown hat the circular structures are in fact energy generating devices, using the natural sound harmonic frequencies that emanate from the surface of the Earth.

Adam's calendar is the flagship among these ruins because we can date this monolithic calendar with relative certainty to a time before the "flood event" some 13,000 years ago, and at least 160,000 years of age based on a number of scientific evaluations. The shape of the circular ruins are all very specific and unique because each circle represents the cymatic shapes of the sound energy as it appears on the surface of planet earth at that point. This energy was amplified by simple understanding of harmonics and utilized in the same way that we generate and use LASER and SASER beam technology today. We have measured these energies and electromagnetic waves in spectacular fashion and therefore do not hesitate to make these claims. Some of the sound frequencies go into the extremely Giga hertz levels (over 380 Giga hertz) which are unheard of on Earth today in any normal applications. The fact that these circles are all connected by the tone channels makes it very clear to any scientist who works with electricity of energy that this vanished civilization had a keen understanding of energy that still escapes us today. Southern Africa was a giant energy grid that was all connected for the purposed of mining gold and all other activity necessary for supporting the vast population that lasted for over 270,000 years until it was wiped out by the flood some 12,000 years ago.

Michael also shows, how the manipulation of the human race has continued for over 250,000 years by exposing the origins of the royal bloodlines and how they continue to manipulate human activity today, mainly by controlling the supply of energy and the control of money. Based on his discoveries, Michael Tellinger proposes a new social structure to liberate humanity from its eternal enslavement. A philosophy for the survival and prosperity of the human race that he calls CONTRIBUTIONISM.

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The History of Our Planet
more mysterious and strange, than most of us can imagine
Who are we? Where do we come from? Why are we here?
This is written underneath the video on youtube:

We will take a little journey of discovery. We've realized that the history of our planet is a lot stranger, than we ever could possibly realize. When I say more strange and more mysterious, I really mean that! And when you start researching the origins of human kind, and the mysterious events, that brought us to this place, in the year 2013, that you realized, how weird the stuff in the past has been!
So the clearer we are, and the better the picture is of our origins, the easier it is to figure out, why we are in this mess, why the world seems so screwed up! It helps us to become comfortable and be at ease with where we are - and figure out a way forward.

I think many people are reaching this beautiful place of enlightenment. And the rise of consciousness is helping us to do that. Because ultimately it is all about enlightenment and the rise of consciousness!

what do Ancient Civilizations have to do with
The Break Through Of Free Energy?

The first question I guess, is what does a guy, that studies ancient civilizations and rocks have to do with a break through energy - and new energy and free energy?


Because he thinks, that he's finding more interesting answers to the questions of new energy and break through energy. And this is unveiling today. Because this is incredible breakthrough information, that needs to be shared with everyone. And I believe, were sitting right on the edge of truly giving the world a deep understanding of free energy by exploring the past!
But unfortunately we remain the species with amnesia! And this is a big problem for us! We have no idea, who we are, where we come from, and why are we here. And in this deep state of amnesia, we forget, that we can look at the past, to learn about what we should be doing about the future!

And this is what I am gonna try to do here - is to connect the DOTS, to see, what we can learn from ancient civilizations, that can benefit us. Not only today, but into forming the kind of utopian future, that we all believe we should have, as living, breathing human beings - and not pieces of paper, called strawmen and things like that, or legal fiction, which I might get into at ... time at the end!

Humans are Species With Amnesia
Money is in the way
So the breakthrough energy movement here we are at the second year - I was in Holland last year - so I come here with a heart full of joy and hope, but at the same time I come here with deep sadness, because, where have we gone in one year! Absolutely nowhere! The same talk about free energy and promise and six months down the road - and twelve months down the road - and nothing is materialized. And that is fundamentally what I have a big big problem with. And the reason why things aren't materializing is because of the greed of humanity! And the sting called money, that keeps getting in the way!

So my suggestion, because I probably forget to bring this up later, is: this is a message to all inventtors, as scientists, the bright minds out there, that are developing free energy devices: forget the word funding! Forget the word production-line! Forget the word getting patents launched in favour of yourself for your thing, that you developed!

We are searching for FREE ENERGY

Give it free to the world, people! It's all about free energy! Ok!? If you give it out for free, write down the specifications, show the models, show how it works, make sure that you can push at the push of a button. You can share that with the entire world within seconds. That is your best form of protection! Because if you do not do this, you may just disappear! And the same kind of horrible things are going to start happening to you, the more you close the information to the rest of the world! Share your information! Let the spreading of it become your own security!

And I speak from personal experience here, going up against the banks in South Africa, because I believe the reason why I am still standing here, is because we made everything as public as we could, every single time, we were on court! We broadcast the courtfiles, the audiofiles! We make sure, that everything went out on internet to everybody as quickly as possible


So New Energy - we are searching for free Energy. That's the keyword here! Free Energy! Why are we searching for free energy? What are the most important areas that I see we are completely ignoring here - most of us are ignoring this - is the source of energy, and that is sound: the source of all things in the Universe is sound and resonance!

o o

And the reason I say this, because this seems to be the primorial source of all things, from whence all things come - free energy! Why are we looking for it? Because we've discovered free energy. Over and over and over again! And yet we are still looking for it. And the reason is, because energy is the most fiercely guarded sector of all industries. Even far more so than the pharmaceutical industry. We're just killing us and poisoning us on a daily basis. But let's(it's due) do the suppression and the control of energy, that we are most enslaved. More enslaved, than most of the other sectors! And this is really the hurdal that we need to look at - to cross as quickly as we possibly can!

FREE ENERGY will truly liberate humanity

(comment (1) : when we first have set all creatures who are domesticated, threatened, tortured, raped and slaughtered by humans set free again - and when we have turned back to the vegan eating lifestyle - living on plants, then we have found THE KEY to FREE ENERGY !
Because free living for the humans can only happen, when due to "The Law ofAttraction", which is "The Law of the Echo", that is valid throughout the entire Universe!, all other enslaved creatures by the humans are set free again to a free living!
Because that will truly liberate humanity, to reach our potential. As divine co-creators of our own future reality. So - free energy has been discovered. What are we actually doing here? Still looking for free energy, or alternative energy! What we are doing here - is we are trying to outsmart and circumvent those, that have stopped the flow of Free Energy. And these are these characters, called the banksters and their "private" money.
And that is thee banksters and thee secret society, as such as stone caucious and the babylonian clad, that clan that goes back thousands of years. These guys love to show off and hide their symbolisms in plain sight, shoving it into our face. It's on the money that we use, it's everywhere around us. And this boosting with what they are going to do to us - and how they are going to manipulate humanity - is all around us. It's not just something that's been used recently. It goes back thousands of thousands of thousands of years.
Money is in the flow of life!
So - the money stops the flow of free energy. Remember: without money - all energy is free! That is an important connection to make! And no hurdal to progress will prevent us from reaching whatever energy will we want to develop.

Human Origins - Sound and Resonance -
Provide the Answers!

Human origins - provides the answers! And I come back to the species, with Amnesia and the Great Human Puzzle - the three fundamental questions, that most of us have being asking ourselves, most of their lives. "Who are we? Where do we come from? Why are we here? The fact that we don't have answers at the click of a button, at the snap of my fingers means, that we don't know!

We are speculating, we are searching for these answers. We are truly a species with amnesia, that is waking up from this amnesia. And this is, why these conferences are so critical and vital to help us waking up, being the seed of consciousness to wake up all those around us, just like David Ike has told us. I am so excited to hear this happening, that I didn't even know! That people's voice is in such an advanced state of becoming a reality.

Hidden Occult Messages
So, what we find when we start looking at the origins of the human kind and the origins of all things - that sound and resonance become the denominators of all creation stories. It doesn't matter where you're looking. Eventually you will find, that it's sound and resonance, that come into play.
o o
  o   o


And in Chrisitianity "A Word" - "The Om", the Egyptians sang the word, they universal sang into creation. And my favourite, "The Aboriginal Sacred Songs", the three sacred … and brought everything into creation!

And just to describe, to demonstrate it with some illustrations, as "The Six Days of Creation", that are directly an instant link. Sacred Geometry as we know )x, it's the "Six Aspects of OM" and sound frequencies. And it's also to do with resonance and the "Six Aspects of the All Seeing Eye of HORUS". This one obviously shows us, that we're dealing with resonance and sound and harmonic ratios.

And this is why it also gets far more sinister. Just like for thousands of years, or just like recently the Secret Societies, that John F. Kennedy exposed in his famous speech in 1961, that eventually, I believe, led to his assassination.

The same secret societies refer to go back thousands of years - and may be leaving the secret encoded messages for us everywhere! And this is phenomenal, when you start looking at the origins of human kind, how all that stuff is connected. You can't separate anything from anything else! And if you understand how to dissect it, it will give you information and lead you in the direction, that we hopefully gonna get some interesting intelligence from!

comment (2) everything that you feel, think, speak and do, has an impact to everybody in your environment, because the sound frequencies that we are creating, spread into all directions! And so it also has an impact to "the other side of the world" and even to the Entire Universe!
o o
The hidden occult messages in plain sight, like I mentioned. Today just as they were thousands of years ago: hidden occult messages of the human humanity for millenia, has been going on for thousands of years. And the "All Seeing Eye of HORUS" - many of you may not be aware of this: this is actually just the representation of the "Pineal Gland", how they've taken control of our pineal gland, which is really to do with sound and resonance and frequencies. The frequency receptor, receiver and transmitter, that should give us telepathic ability and qualities, which it clearly does not do!
  o .................................X.............

"The All Seeing Eye of HORUS" taking control of humanity. We're seing these strange birdlike creatures and ancient times, taking control through pine cone shaped tools - of the spinal gland of ours - and controlling our DNA! Notice what is on this creature's right hand: very interesting circle with twelve (12) cone shaped structures, moving towards the center. That becomes important in understanding, how this stuff is shoved in our face. as to the control of humanity. Controlling the pineal gland, controlling our DNA or Tree of Life with sound and frequency! Now say Sound and Frequency, see that thing on the guys hand (the tree of life)!. Once again, looking at that )x, because the "Sound and Frequency Control" continues today - through the mainstream media!

"The all seeing eyes of Horus" over there (-->). It's still controlling us. And on the right here, it's just half of that thing, that the guy had on his wrist: Six of those coneshaped emblems or what glogoes(?) 13:24, going into the (-->)center. They are showing us, that they are still controlling us with sound and frequency! The primordial source of controlling creation.

What is Sound?

So, what is sound? Actually, this is a beautifull question, that there are many many answers, too - that we can't go into, because that on it's own is probably a full weeks presentation of understanding, what sound really is. And I would also like to refer you to the brilliant work of Don Estes, who's out in Los Angeles. Study, what Don Estes is doing, and finding out about sound!
Don Estes The Science of Vibration to Expand the Human-P1 and
The Flower Of Life Sacred Geometry Secret Of The Flower Of Life

I was going to show you this video, but we had very little time today, so I'm gonna ask you to look at this for yourself! All of this stuff is out there on the internet on youtube. Look up the Cymascope, John Steward Reed's brilliant work. And look at how they manifest physical form and physical shape out of the human voice. John Steward Reed - works 1 and works 2.

--> <--

But when you take this a little bit further and you look at some of the stills of these bubbles and sound of the human voice, you start recognizing the structures, that inspired religious symbols. And it is spectaculous to see, how sound starts connecting all this stuff together.

left: The sonic bubble sectioned. Revealing the internal structure.

  Right: The 2D cymatic slice through the bubble (John Stewart Reid, Dean Baker -

Do you see this: can you see the cross in the sound-bubble here? Right in the center of the sound bubble is the cross section.

The Source Of Sound was the Inspiration For Religious Symbols,
that have taken "Control Of Humanity" through this information
And if you drill deeper into some of these beautiful cymascope images, you see it even better. Look there - that is clear as daylight, that we're dealing with the source of sound, being the inspiration for religious symbols, that have taken control of humanity through this information.
o o

You realize, that all the crosses of ancient times have actually come from the inspiration of sound being the source of things. And it's just everywhere, when you start looking at it! The carved crosses in rock in Africa, that refer to as "Mabona - the Lord of light and sound" by the way as well.

Even the medicine wheel in the native American culture is just a cross in the circle, that tells us, that sound heals. And with sound you could do everything! Even the Swastika has its origins in sound.

The Universe Vibrates in Harmony and Coherent Unity
If Humanity goes against that - we kickstart our own extinction!

The Universe vibrates in harmony in coherent Unity. The entire universe itself has a "Prime Resonance Frequency". I want you to just think about this for a while, because it is within this "Prime Resonance Frequency", that encapsulates the entire Universe and the Multiverses, that are find itself in. If it didn't vibrate in absolute unity and harmony, it would be in dissonance. It would be incoherent. It would start breaking apart. It won't remain in unity.
And therein lies the interesting challenge for humanity: to come together from dissonance and disharmony and start uniting and understanding this universal principles of coherence and unity! And in understanding how the entire universe vibrates in perfect harmony, gives us a clear indication of where we should be going as a species into the future in perfect united harmony.

And I believe that this is, what Gene Roddenberry actually meant, when he introduced us into the "Prime Directive" - is actually referring to the prime resonance frequency of the the entire universe.

"The strength of a civilization is not measured by its ability to fight wars,
but rather by its ability to prevent them"
Gene Roddenberry
The Philosophy of Gene Roddenberry (1921-1991)

If you go against the vibration of perfect harmony of the entire universe,
you will basicly kickstart your own demise (extinction). You cannot resonate against the entire harmonic resonance of the universe … you will destroy yourself! Now - with this understanding, we need to move forward - and stop destroying ourself and vibrating in coherent unity.

(comment (3) to reach this goal, we must stop creating sounds of destruction, violence, and war; sounds of slavery, domestication, torture and slaughter; sounds of suffering, disease, pain and death! We must create sounds of compassion, healing, understanding, oneness, tenderness and love.
What Sound and Resonance Can Do

Sound and Resonance
It levitates, it boils water, it creates light, spontaneous
generation of DNA, it heals, it destroys pathogens,
it melts the hardest metals that you can find at body
temperature at around 104 degrees; it's a precursor
to electro-magneticism, electromagnetic fields.

Spontaneous Generation Of DNA

Spontaneous Generation of DNA
In 2011 Dr. Luc Montagnier discovered, that you can
spontaneously generate DNA, just by exposing it to
7 hz (Hertz). And for this he was excommunitcated. I
heard it the other day, when I lived in(?) 18:01 China.
Instead of winning a nobel price, he had to go into a

Boiling Water with Sound

Peter Davy - New Zealand - Boiling Water with Sound
He was 95 years old and was doing this since 1948. It is proven! Frequency boils water! This is one of my favourite examples of what sound can do. And the former Spitfire-Pilot Peter Davy inadvertantly gave us free energy! I'm saying "free" - it's a sort of getting there - right!
Because from 1940 this guy has been boiling water with sound. Now this is the first video I am gonna show you, because last year I don't think, I showed this: Peter Davy - Sound-Water Boiler - high frequency, sound boils water!
So - inadvertantly Peter Davey gave us very engrossingly free energy, because - how much water do you wanna boil? If you can boil water with sound, how much water do you wanna boil?
"Peter Davey's Sonic Resonance Boiler - 02.2008" and
Peter Davy: "invention to Boil Water with Frequency"

Well the soundfrequency generator in a car battery and a solar panel - how much water do you wanna boil? That can drive the turbines, that can replace the coal, that can replace the nuclear reactors, how much water do you want to boil?
And unfortunately - guess what happened? Money got in the way! He died two years ago, taking the secret to his grave! I'm a starter in the whole world. I've been on this for five years now, sharing this information. And out of the brilliant scientists and minds out there, nobody has come up with this frequency, that boils water! And bright minds out there, they should be able to do that in 10 minutes flat in the laboratory. So please people, if you know scientists and researchers, that have access to laboratories, that know how to do this kind of stuff, make them find out the resonance frequency of boiling water! And let's put this out there!
For free for everybody! Not trying to make billions dollars out of it! That was Peter Davy's problem! For fifty years he sat on this, trying to get someone to put money into it, so they can create production lines, so they can sell it to the world! Therein lies the trip, that's what humanity gets stripped up all the time. The Money Gets In The Way!!!
Acoustic Levitation

21:49 How many of you have seen this - just by show of hands. Ok good, not too many. So let's show you, because I don't wanna bore you with this stuff. David Deak by the way - has disappeared. I spoke to a lady at contact in the desert, she used to work with David Deak in the military. Most of the stuff was done, while he was working for the military. He has disappeared. She can't trace him. I don't know what happened to him. This is a rare video of acoustic levitation, using sound to levitate Matter. Acoustic Levitation Chamber by Dr. David Deak. (Comment: Within one week, this video, showing the same film, disappeared at youtube)
Notice: there are two forces of the soundfrequency and these polystyrene items levitating at the crossing point of the source. And you can make it spin, you can make it bounce up and down. You can make it rotate. You can make it tumble. You notice all these amazing things, that he does with it. And it's important to see this, because we hear stories about sound levitating things. And so we see actually it is true. And not some crazy old wife's story. Notice this is some frequency change - and it tumbles, spins and does all kinds of interes-ting things. And the slightest frequency change and it starts to spin like crazy.

So you can let your mind run wild and imagine the applications of sound doing things... not just levitating, but creating drilling technology, pumping technology, anything you can imagine! So you see, it's true, sound does levitate! It's not just an old wife's tale!

The Aboriginal Creation Story
Sound can Form Matter
o My favourite one is the "Aboriginal Creation Story", because it really explains the sound and cymatics principle, how sound can form matter, or manifest physical forms. And how beautifully this gets explained in some of the latest cymatic experiments, that have been done. Once again I point you to John Stewart Reid and Co. with the cymascope. And you can see, the picture on the right is actually one that show the torus-field, that these soundfrequencies make. o
Sounds can create Mountains
And the aboriginal Creation Story says: "Time began when the supernatural beings awoke and broke through the surface of the earth. (Can you see the explaining cymatic activity?) And they moved about the earth, bringing into being the physical features of the landscape with their "Three Sacred Songs". I mean that stuff is so encoded with advanced knowledge of sound and cymatics. And let's just show this little film. This is from Hans Jenny's brilliant work in the sixties already. But it really shows you, how sounds can create mountain, not just beautiful patterns. And there is a lot more on this on the internet. Just go look for yourself! o
Manifesting mountains from the SOUND of the creator
Hans Jenny - Cymatics - Bringing Matter To Life With Sound
Part1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3 und das Video:
The Miracle of 528 Hz Solfeggio and Fibonacci numbers

So where we whitness the supernatural beings rising to the surface of the earth , bringing into form the mountains and so forth. So it's just a beautiful example of that.
Sound is FREE ENERGY! It's a primodial source of all things.
And in fact, there's an interesting thing, that I am showing
with you here. The AUM, actually equals 440. The numeric
value is 440. And I refer you to Willem de Swart's brilliant
work on, to verify, what I am sharing
with you here.
Nikola Tesla was using The Sound of Gaia

I believe, actually used a lot more sound, than most of us did realize. And one of these most ignored statements is: "The Earth rings like a bell! If you tap into the sound frequency of the earth, you get an inexaustable (never ending) source of energy!"
And I really believe, that that's probably what he was using more than anything else. Using "Sound of Gaia", to generate the unlimited Free Energy, that he seemed to have shared with us.

o o

And what does this have to do with ancient civilizations and evolution of consciousness?
Everything, because it's now very clear, that the ancient cultures used sound and resonance and frequency to do everything they did. The spectacular structure that they built around the world, and all the mystery that they left for us to unravel… we're starting to unravel it, cause we started to understand that was sound, that they used!

Waves and Frequencies coming out of the Pyramid
This is the brilliant work of … (now I am complete blank, please forgive me … the audience is laughing) I should have put it there on this, with the pyramid using giant sound vibrating dynamo. And this is interesting, because there is some fotograph, that clearly shows, that there is something interesting - waves and frequencies coming out of the pyramid, that we don't understand and can't explain. o o
"Symmetrical Interference Patterns at Stonehenge"
So there is a lot of support for this, even in the Symmetrical
Patterns, that come out of Stonehenge, clearly indicated, that
this is not an accident, that it was built with certain conscious-
ness in mind and a specific outcome in mind, because of the
coherent indifferent patterns, that we find, coming out of there.
Ed Leedskalnin - Levitation of Heavy Rocks

in Southern Florida built "Coral Castle". I believe, he used sound, to levitate these things. And the reason I say this, is because he did this incredible thing on his own, moving these giant blocks, carving them, moving them around and building this whole place called Coral Castle, on his own. He moved more than 3 million pounds of rock in his life! And apparently he did this with what some schoolboys could refer to an icecream cone in his hands. And this is, why I call it "Ice Cream Cone Phenomenon". And I've been very excited about this.

Videos: 1930's video of Ed Leedskalnin and
Ed Leedskalnin Coral Castle Flywheel Secrets Revealed and
Gnosis - In Search of Coral Castle | Documentary

Cone Shaped Tools Around Stone Circles in Africa
And these are little moments in your research - in your life of research - that change the way you think about things - and how you see things, because I've been finding Ice cream ore cone shaped tools around South Africa, around the Stone Circles, since the first day I sat my foot there.
o o o
And I found dozens of dozens of them, all connected to the stone circles and the ancient ruins, that I've been exploring. And suddenly you start finding these cone shaped tools in Egypt. You start finding them everywhere. You find them in the "Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum in San José" in California. And get, what the quick informance scriptions on this cone shape tools tell us?!: "That these were tools, utilized for building the temples in Sumer. And they commemorate the building of the Temples in Sumer. Cone Shape Tools. And we start getting an interesting common denominate to here. Zimbabwe - and I believe there are actually two cone shaped towers in Great Zimbabwe, facing the sky. Were these possibly the tips of saser-technology?
I believe that you understand, why I'm making the outrageous claims! I was just recently told by people, that had been working on the "Bosnian Pyramid" (right at this moment, I typed Pyramind, instead of Pyramid), that they've been finding dozens and dozens of cone shaped stones in the Bosnian Pyramid among the artifacts, that they've been collecting. I shall ask Sam Osmanagich to send me some fotographs.

And then in our eyes we got rods and cones, right! So - when we see movies like Superman, I believe, that this is really a gift, to be like superman, to do things with our eyes, because of the cones in our eyes! And you start seeing, why this is not … and outlandish and outrageous as first meets the eye.

And then in our eyes we got rods and cones, right! So - when we see movies like Superman, I believe, that this is really a gift, to be like superman, to do things with our eyes, because of the cones in our eyes!
And you start seeing, why this is not … as outlandish and outrageous as first meets the eye.

The history of Southern Africa is all about Gold, by now, you should know this! If you don't know this yet - this is why, this is the golden goose. And this is why Southern Africa has always been stable. It's never been quite out of control, because this is, what Cecil John Rhodes made very very sure of, that it was stabilized for the crown, because that's the goose, that lays the golden egg. And they cannot destabilize the goose that lays the golden egg. . And this is why it's one of the best kept secrets in the world. And I have to keep it that way, because I want the whole world to come to Southern Africa.
(The Rt Hon Cecil John Rhodes DCL (5 July 1853 - 26 March 1902) was a British businessman; Rt Hon = Privy Council of the United Kingdom)
In the 11th Century - by Ahmad al-Biruni - describes the prosperpous GOLD exports from the port of Sofala. Now there's a whole lot of important information about this, but what is fascinating about this, is that for about seven hundred years along the east coast of Africa, they traded with these beads, that were apparently worth their weights in GOLD!
Our Historians put that in their history books and we forget about this. It's an interesting curiosity. But we got to stop and say: "why on earth would beads be worth their weight in gold?"
It doesn't make any sense. Here's a hand of gold, there's a hand of beads. What do you gonna take? Right, you'll take the gold. So why on earth would somebody make the statement.
And why would this be abashing(?) 33:58 - over sevenhundred years. This is critical information, and you see, why it connects directly to the beeds and their shape. And I think you already know, what I am talking about! (Abu 'r-Raihan Muhammad ibn Ahmad al-Biruni (973-1048) famous choresmic (Iran) polymath, mathematician, kartograf, astronomer, astrologer, philosoph, pharmacologist, mineralogist, explorer, historian and translator from the prosperity of Islam in Central Asia)
The history books claim that Southern Africa was sparsely populated. But unfortunately that theory gets blown right out the water by the Stone Ruins and the ancient sights 54:17 that we've been discovering and sharing with the world.
There are many, many of them - and unfortunately they've been under attack. Thousands of them have been destroyed by ignorant government officials, forestry, farming, road works, town development, thousands and thousands have been destroyed.
However - they are many, that remain. And unfortunately, that they still fall into the realm of cattle-kraal, so-called cattle enclosure, that people used to keep their cattle in, and that history goes out in our history-books.
The Stone-Circles
in South Africa
I'm gonna show you just a view of them, so you get an idea, if you have seen this before, please endulge me again. What's important to know, is that each one of them is circular, and yet each one of them is completely unique! There are no two Stone Circles, that are identical or even closely resembling. They are completely unique. And you start seeing very interesting things, when you start studying this. But because we only have an hour, I'm just gonna rush through this.
And you start seeing some fascinating flower shaped patterns. Because flowers are pretty, so they built Cattle Kraals to look like flowers, right! But you can only see this, when you're up in the air! I don't think so. So what's going on here? Notice, how they are connected by these channels, that everything is connected.
And incidentally Great Zimbabwe is part of all of this, ok! It is not excluded. In fact we realize, that Great Zimbabwe is the Head Office, or the Major Stone Structure in Southern Africa! Or as I now have irrefutably evidenced, that we can't go into here in this short space of time … But this was actually the "Sumerian Entity Enki" - his domain! This is what Great Zimbabwe looks 36:00 like from the side. (just at this moment I see the preanouncement for a Film: there had been a time, when the Gods where hidden in Stones... 2014-10-27 at 1:00 o'clock in the morning)
o o

If you haven't seen it before, it's a spectaculous structure. It's a very confusing structure. The cone historical evaluation is: it was built by the moors - around a thousand years ago. That's it, that's were it stops. I have news for them! … The problem with the stone structures and these cattle-kraals is, that they are aligned on the movement of the sun and solar system equinoxes (36:34). And also sacred Geometry and Phi-factor and so forth. So an hexagon suddenly comes out of it, and you realize, that these cattle-kraal must have obviously been built for holy cows! Because otherwise these guys were really wasting their time!

o o
And when you start seeing the equilateral triangles, that do some really interesting things and star tetrahedrons coming out of these structures, we realize, that we're dealing with some far amoved from basic structures, whether they were built for dwelling, or cattle, it doesn't matter. This is a whole different level of consciousness.
These ancient roads were channels, that connect each one of these stone circles. Not one stone circle stands on its own. They are all interconnected.
o o
And this is, where it really started getting my attention: when I realized that we are not dealing with individual dwellings, or individual little structures, for some little Migron(?) 37:29 Tribes, that were mo-ving around. No, we are dealing with a vast network of structures, that are interconnected by these channels, that are not roads - as our history books in South Africa call them: "road to drive their cattle on". All of them are connected in one giant network 37:56 … good, imagine, most of Southern Africa looking something like this. Hundreds of Thousands of years ago.
Archeological drawings from 1939 show us, that there are no doors and entrances! And if there are no doors and entrances and if they are all connected, as you can see: like a bunch of grapes, sometimes singular walls - and sometimes concentric walls.
What Is It All About?
you already know!
And now the blood thickens! And they are all connected. If they do not have doors and entrances, they cannot be dwellings. They have to be something else. And this is, where it gets really exciting!
Now you also get the real problem of agricultural terraces, that cover more than 450,000 square-kilometres in a part of the world, that was apparently sparsely populated with hardly anybody living there! Who the hell would building the agricultural terraces and who the hell were they feeding? And these terraces are everywhere. Once your eyes get sensitized and you drive around with me and it gets a little laborious, because I keep stopping and taking fotographs of everything, like this here )X. But at least I can show you. Even on google, when you start looking around, you start seeing this terraces everywhere! o


And in hospitable steep mountains in Lesotho, where there shouldn't be any terraces, there are terraces! And here you have a beautiful example. This is right up the road from where I live )X. I live right in the middle of these ancient structures. I moved away five years ago from the craziness of Johannesburg. And you can see, that the channels, the terraces and the stonecircles all help together, like a giant spidersweb, holding all together. And on top of the mountain it looks something like this. It goes on from this particular point - about 60 Miles in a 360 degrees circumference.
o So, what is this activity all about?
Once again, it's all about the Gold, but you already know this!

And what do ancient texts tell us? Ancient texts tell us, that we in our discovering, some interesting interference in human activity by these groups of beings, called the Anunnaki 40:00. And I cannot stress enough, for those of you that are still speculating or wondering about this: I cannot stress enough the importance of the influence and the interference on human activity by these entities, called the Anunnaki!

And I urge you to go and do some more research on this, because we don't have time here today!

The Sumerian Tablets repeatedly refer to as this place called the ABZU - and ENKI, the supreme creator god in Sumerian Culture! An ABZU is been given many meanings, but the primary reference is: this is where the GOLD came from! So we can find a vast vanished civilization, that is connected with the mining of gold, and then we must have discovered the Abzu. And this is what I'm sharing with you! o

Enki's special place, the lower 40:48 equator, where the gold came from. South Africa and Zimbabwe mainly, with a little bit in Botswana and Mozambique as well. "In the ABZU, ENKI plans was conceiving, where to build his house, where for heroes dwellings to prepare, where the bowels of the Earth to enter." Some of these translations are spectacular!
A primitive worker shall be created. Our command he will understand... Our tools he will handle… To the Anunnaki in the Abzu relief shall come." This is planned a planning of the slave species! Of the Lulu Amelu, the primitive worker, to help the Anunnaki get the gold out of the ground! And there can be no doubt, that it is gold, that this is all about! I've taken it out of my presentation, because it's just far too long. The Gold on its own, as you know, is probably a full day discussion. Just why it was gold, that they were after!

And it is also … at this moment I believe, that Enki did, what Gene Roddenberry, what I mentioned earlier, first brought to our attention. That he did not reach the "Prime Directive"! Because, if he did so, while he was cloning this new species, to help them dig in the ground, he would have initiated his own demise! That he gave the creature enough memory, you can call that in what the Anunnaki or the Sumerian Tablets called "the entwined essence".
The Entwined Essence
isn't that the far more eloquent term for DNA!

"The Entwined Essence" … 42:13 what we use today! And in the entwined essence, he gave us sufficient space, so we can grow and evolve, not just physically, but also consciously! And this is exactly the stage, where we're at. Contemplating our own consciousness and our own existence, and finding some fascinating answers!
And this is, where we see Enki's house, his technology, and what they were doing. "In the midst of the Abzu to a place of pure waters Enki betook himself. In that land a Place of Deepness he determined, for the heroes into Earth's bowels to descend. The Earth Splitter Enki there established, therewith in the Earth a gash to make…" and I'm gonna show you the Earth Splitter! "By way of tunnels Earth's innards to reach, the golden veins to uncover."

How Many Of These Ruins Are There?
o o

If there were a few hundreds or a few thousands, I say "You know what?! I don't know!" But unfor-tunately, that is not the case! In "1891 - Theodore Bent" theorized, or he guessed, that from horseback, that there are about 4,000 of these structures. You know, I can still deal with 4,000.
But by "1974 - Roger Summers" did account, based on the technology and available information he had, and he came up with a really nice number of 20,000. By now dealing with a vast vanished civilization already. But it doesn't stop there. It gets far freakier than that, people! Much freakier, than that! I entered in 2007 and six or twelve months later - I counted more than 10 millions! NO, I did not count one by one. (Pausing … laughter!) I've had that question before. (Pausing … laughter!) But I'm not gonna go through the lengthy process that I took.

What Kind Of Stone Is It?

I need going back here… 10 million. I hope this penny dropped for you. More than 10 million stone ruins! Clearly, there is something going on here… that we got no idea about… that history has never recognized!
A vanished civilization - we have no idea or clue about, what they were doing! But now we do! And that's why we're here!
And guess what: they had advanced knowledge of the laws of nature and sound as the source of energy, which I'm gonna show you.


And this is, where my real breakthrough moment came! When I realized, that the stone they used, was a special kind of stone, mostly known as Hornfels. They also use a very dense kind of Dolorite, which to an untrained eye, looks just like Hornfels. But the common denomination they have, is that these stones ring like bells! They conduct sound! As you can see, it's a black stone on the inside and it's got this grey, this reddish brown skin, that grows on the stone. That's refered to his patina. This patina grows thousands of years, for microscopic layers. So when you pick up tools and artifacts, so you got patina of several millimeters thick, that means, that that tools artifact must have been created hundreds of thousands of years ago, not just a few thousands of years ago. So the patina on the tools artifact is the very clear indicator. And the good scientific argument, that we are dealing with, is an extreme ancient civilization. It is not just something, a few thousand years old.

It conducts sound and it conducts energy. And these stones ring like bells. They are used - they are actually sound and energy, frequency generating devices. All the sources of these, that I have also figured out how they actually used them and what they did with them. But just to show you, how they ring like bells, I created this compilation from previously quite long video-clips, that you can play with.

"Michael Tellinger - Ringing Stones Compilation - Stone Circle Museum, Waterval Boven, South Africa - - "Demonstration how these stones ring like bells, they were used in all kinds and ways and fashions, just like the "Ankh", to create specific vibration of frequencies and specific notes to use as this form and a source of energy."
What Are These Stones Made Of?
Well, they are made of a lot of iron, they are made of mostly this other stuff, the second most abundant element on earth, next to water: and that is Quartzite, it's Silica. And guess what we used Quartz and Silica for, in the most advanced technology today? And so, what are we learning from that? We are learning, that you don't have to extract the Silica out of the raw materials, to put it in fancy, shiny little boxes to sell that to people. Because you only do that, if you wanna sell it. If you know how the stuff works, you leave it in it's original form, because it's infinitely more efficatious in that original form. You not breaking it's energy around it, by extracting it, cause you wanna sell it. You leave it in the stone! This is, why the ancient word was stone. Because they understand how to use Silica, how to use the laws of nature and all these things around us, for their own benefit.
And now we know that you can store digital information in crystals. Large amounts of Terra-Hertz in real crystals. You know longer need little chips, that we put in our computers. I'm suggesting that - hold on to your crystal, because there is a new Law that gonna be passed, that crystals then are suddenly illegal. Because now you know, we don't have people storing thrillions of terabytes of information to one crystal. That's not good for business, isn't it?! So, just watch this 49:49 space, I'm not sure, it's gonna happen there.
Someone asks Michael something. He shows to his Rosequartz and asks: "This one here?" He smiles "So, all the stuff is encoded here, thank you very much!"

So, I'm saying that 50:00 all these ancient stone structures, as well as Stonehenge, the Pyramids (interesting: I first wrote Pyraminds), the Stone Circles, they all have this information and everything that happened, they encoded in the Silica, in the crystal, in the stone! And some twelve-year old kid with an i-phone, is gonna walk up to one of these soon, plug something and then download all that information. And we just don't know how to do it yet! So, watch that space, too!
Lazer Technology uses Light
Sazer Technology Uses Sound
So, and it's only in the year 2009, that the world was introduced to SASER technology. Until then, we only knew about lasertechnology. Now it is all about saser technology 50:31. Laser uses light, coherent light. SAZER technology uses sound. BINGO - here we are! Going back thousands of years, suddenly understanding what these ancients did. They didn't necessarily use light. They pro-bably used light as well. But they most likely used mostly sound -SAZER technology. Therefore the cone shaped tools. The cone shaped stones. "The Ice Cream Phenomenon", that you find in all these ancient
sights, from the Pyramids, to Stone Henge, to the Bosnian Pyramid, to all over the world, to Ed Leedskalnin's Coral Castle, and these spectacular cone shaped tools, that I've been finding.

And then we get to the "Sacred Stone" as it's known in African Shamanic Tradition. And "Baba Credo Mutwa" he says - I think in the discussion with David Ike - that the sacred stone, you can look through the sacred stone and communicate with people across space and time! That was a shamanic way of telling us, what it actually is! I think you know where I'm going with this, right!?

So Where Is The FLAGSHIP Among These Ruins?
Adams calender is a flagship, absolutely no doubt! It was rediscovered, by "Johan Heine" in 2003, 'Oldest man-made structure' unearthed. A stone calendar that is apparently older than 75 000 years has been discovered in Mpumalanga. o

Baba Credo Mutwa was initiated in 1937 as the joung Shaman. He calls it "Inzalo ye Langa - The Birthplace of the Sun", where humanity was created by the gods. Not just any kind of gods. One specific god, known as ENKEI, in Sumerian known as ENKI. And here we have African culture con-necting with Sumerian culture.

BINGO, we have a place, where all the stuff apparently went down. And you know what? You do with this information what you want, I'm gonna leave it up to you!

Adams Calendar
The interesting anomalies at adams calendar are - and I used to use that as a little curiosity for the macho guys that came there with their wifes: you lose GPS signal, as you walk in there! As you cross the imaginery line, you lose GPS signal! And it's really a curiosity until we discovered, why the hell that's going on. So that's what it looks like from the helicopter. The tree on the right is north, the tree on the left is south. The two stones in the middle are the central calender stones. Look at them, it's like vibrating plates, more than anything else. And down here is east. That stone over there is a Horus shaped stone, that marks the rise of the sun in the east.
And here you got a 3D representation of it, looking from the other direction. And it's over here, that Credo Mutwa believes that humanity was created by the gods, in that little area over there. )X There's some really interesting things, that we discovered!

Again there is not enough time for that! That seem to cooperate that kind of crazy outlandish statement… but you know what!? You just gotta go with the information, that we have presented!
o o
Now this is the other interesting thing: when you connect 53:22 the Adams Calendar through Great Zimbabwe, guess where we end up? At the "Great Pyramid of Giza", 31 degrees East Longitude! And suddenly, we have an interesting connection between the Giza Pyramids and - what I believe - was created by the Anunnaki and Enki himself, or at least he commitioned this. And the Numeric Value for the Biblic ELOHIM is also 31.

And it just so happened to be on the 31 degree East Longitude in the line. So you start seeing very interesting connections, that are happening here. And how old is Adams Calendar? Well, I found this interesting translation in one of Zecharia Sitchin's works, that pretty much describes Adams Calendar. I almost nearly fell on my back, when I found this: "40 Shar after arriving on earth, Enki built a special place of observing in the deep Abzu on the edge of a cliff aligned with his abode in the North and the peaks…" Ha, you gotta be kidding me! (showing his absolute shock about his finding) I have just been … I read this over and over again. I couldn't believe that I could find something like this! And when you do the numbers based on what Sitchin gave us, it makes Adams Calendar - or Enki's Calendar about 285,000 years old!

And if that's, where humanity apparently was created, guess what!? The numbers still fit, based on the "The Mitochondrial Eve Theory", isn't it? Or study! 54:34 (mitochondrial=granular to filamentous body part of the protoplasm of many cells; important for the energy balance of the cell).

So, what are these stonecircles for? And I think you've already figured this out for yourself! 'Cause you're a smart bunch of people out of an energy conference, right!? (the audience is laughing)

o o
Each Stone Circle: Energetic Blood Point
sucking out energy through sound at that particular space!
And you can see, that these stone circles all of them resemble cymatic patterns, cymatic shapes! And that's exactly what they are! They are just cymatic patterns, representing the sound frequency in the earth at that specific place. In other words: each stone circle is the "Energetic Blood-Point" into the Earth, sucking out the energy through sound at that particular space! Are they all connected, making one huge giant "Energy Grid".

And the "Magnetron" plays an important role here! A magnetron is a device we use extensively today in modern technology. And lazer beams created of our magnetrons, can cut mickle 55:23 in a split second! So magnetrons are incredible powerful things. So you can imagine, how powerful a magnetron of about 20 meters in diameter is. When I discussed this with Kevin Orlowski (Director of Exotic Technology), yesterday, and I shared this with him, he nearly freaked out! I said to him: "I think that one of these could create more energy, than all of our power plans on earth today!" And he just shook his head and said: "Yeah, I believe it would!"

So I believe, that we are dealing with the advanced knowledge of the understanding the laws of nature - and using sound as the source of energy! I'm gonna come back to this!

o o
Giant ENERGY Grid
creating huge amounts of energy - all for the mining of gold ...

So, we are looking at one Giant ENERGY Grid, creatinig huge amounts of energy, all connected, all for the mining of gold and whatever else, we haven't figured out yet. The reason I know this is, because we've measured it. We measured electromagnetic activity. We measured sound frequency. We even measured the decibels with which these frequencies come out of these stone walls.

(How much time have I got left? (looks stressed) 5 Minutes? … Ok I'm gonna skip through this, because the important thing I need to make the connections.)

We've measured the sound frequencies - over 300 Giga Hertz coming out of Adams Calendar! (look here at youtube: Fallout - 30 to 300 GHz - 95 GHz bei for martial purposes!)

And I know, that this doesn't make sense to a lot of you, that we are still struggeling to understand, what sound really is - but electromagnetic activity either horizontally or vertically at Adams Calendar - the sound frequencies are above 375 GHz (Giga Hertz) … (Michael showing like entering a circle): it's literally like you step in there and it goes crazy! Right!? (stepping out of the circle): Out there, there is nothing! (stepping in): you do this, and it goes crazy! 57:00
The electromagnetic run at an incredibly high frequency of Mega Hertz. And it's growing. In fact, when we recently measured it, it was even higher than this! And it runs horizontally around the circle, but then vertically, between the two central Calendar Stones, this is what you find there! (the audience is laughing). So we're actually dealing with an active Vortex. This is, what the Adams Calendar actually is!
And What Is It For?
What Were These Anunnaki All About?
o o

They were about the gold. And it they were taking it off the planet! So I think, that one of these, and many of these around the world have actually been there for beaming up the gold! And for other interesting applications, that we haven't considered yet.

But let me get to the sacred stones. There are hundrets and thousands in Southern Africa. All the farmers have them. But that doesn't mean, they are easy to find! Now I took one of these stones with me, when I came on my American tour in july. I packed it in my bag and its actually that one over there - see the pink circle around the sacred stone.
It is the best specimen that I had. I packed it in my bag and - you saw Daniel Nuenz? You saw these guys - and
I brought it, because I realized that we're dealing with "Vortex Coils", Vortex technology here.


So this is what it is, I'm just jumping, because we got no more time left

o o

And this is why the "Beads are worth their weight in GOLD" by the way! Because they represented these sacred stones, they were actually given to the people by the gods that could create huge amounts of energy for all this stuff that they were doing there, connected to the mining of the gold.

But, this is me, handing that ridiculous stone to Nassim Haramein, but the journey there was the interesting part. So, when I was leaving South Africa, I already knew that this stones had incredible energy in them, because we measured it. I didn't know what was going on, but I knew that I needed to hand it to somebody, that could to research with this. And I hope Nassim's gonna come back to me with some interesting feedback, soon… I really hope so! 59:00

We packed it in my bag. My girlfriend Louisa - we gotta take something to Nassim, he's working with resonance, with sound as "The Resonance Project", they'll do something with it. So I wrapped it up in bubble-wrap, put it in my bag. We deliberated, should I put it in my hand luggage, should I put it in my bag? And eventually I put it in my bag, we checked the bag and we left South Africa. We arrived in Dahar on Qatar Airlines, no problems. As we are leaving Dahar to the United States, we now go through what? NSA and homeland security. We're about to take off. And the captain says: "Ok, close doors, cross check" and bla bla bla… Five minutes go by, nothing. We're still sitting on the tomeck? 59:48 Nothing's going on. Suddenly we hear "Louise Clark, please identify yourself!" So I look at Louise and I go: "Oh my God, Louise - what have you done? (audience burst out laughing). And she puts up her hand, the airhostess comes and says: "Please follow me!". Sorry I'm not letting her off this plane on her own!" So I follow her out. They march her down the stairs onto the tomak (?), and there are five guys with guns, standing around my bag. And I go: "O God, what's going on here?" So I follow Louise down. (Michael macht die Geste des Sicherheitspersonals nach, ein Gewehr in der Hand zu halten) They say: "What you're doing here, get up there!" So I go back up the stairs and I say: "No, this is my bag!" And they say: "Ok, then you come down here!" And then all this confusion, because they crosslabelled our bags! Suddenly when I saw my bag, I knew: "O God, it's the stone! It's the stones in my bag! So what's going on?!" And, so they say: "What's in there, whatever is in there, has a security threat! Please open the bags!" So now they are getting very itchy, very nervous! (Michael macht die nervöse Geste des Sicherheitspersonals nach, ein Gewehr in der Hand zu halten). And as I'm opening the bag, they don't know what's coming out the bag. So they are like getting … (audience is laughing because of Michaels gestures). As I'm opening the bag, I'm thinking "what am I to tell these people, it's my sacred stone. I don't want them to confisgate this! I'm gonna get this to Nassim!" And so I'm thinking: "What am I gonna say?" And as I open, I think: "O, African curious! Yeah, African Curious! Cause it can't be exotic material. Exotic material is not allowed. But African material is allowed!" So, and it worked! I show them the stone after taking about two minutes to try to open the bubble wrap (… making funny gestures of tearing the bubble wrap), cause it was really tightly wrapped, and they getting more and more nervous with every second. And what I did not know at that stage is, as I'm showing this, they say: "aah, we see, African Curious! And they make very astonishing faces. There was one African guy there. And he looked at this and went: "Ah, I've seen that before!" And he walked away. While the other guys are still shaking there and and say "What's going on?" and waved his hand "Ok well, put it back!" And by this time, the captain's coming out. They say: "What the hell is going on? If this plane isn't in the air in two minutes, I'm offloading the plain!" So, as Louisa is walking back, she heard one of the guys say: "Whatever is in that stone, crashed the system!!!" … … (the audience goes: ooooaaaaaaaahhh! ...huuuuuu! ...and clapping their hands)

So, all along, I hadn't known this yet. But I knew, it obviously triggered something. But all along, as I' opening the bag while I'm a little nervous with these guys with their fingers on the trigger, I'm thinking to myself:
"The stone works!!!" (audience bursting out laughing)

So, that's the key thing here !!! (Applause!) You can imagine, they scan these bags and all kinds of things and probably ultrasound frequency. One of those sound frequencies must have gone into the center of that - and created a pulse - that just (… makes a wild, wide gesture with his arms) shut their whole system down.
We Need To Work With
Vortex Coil Technology
And this is, what we need to work with:"Vortex Coil Technology"!
And if I believe, that if it's made out of stone, it is infinitely more powerful, if you make it out of wire! So I've been talking to Daniel and to Randy, about how we take the knowledge and convert it into these. Maybe we take these stones, we measure them, we image them, we print them out of the 3D-printers, then we cover them by Crushed Dolorite. And we got a simulated, sacred donut. That will hopefully (people and Michael laughing) … yes… Randy's Donuts become Sacret Donuts!
So We Already Have Free Energy
but it is up to us, if we will manage to use it!
(added comment) when first all creatures who are domesticated, threatened, tortured, raped and slaughtered by humans are set free again - and the humans turned back to the vegan eating lifestyle - living on plants - the humans will be free and gain free energy!
Because free living for the humans can only happen, when due to "The Law ofAttraction", which is "The Law of the Echo", that is valid throughout the entire Universe, all other enslaved creatures by the humans are set free again to a free living!
So, we have free energy, people! The ancient civilizations of Southern Africa have given us free energy. And just need to figure out, just how to tap into it! My brief discussion with Kevin Orlowski yesterday made me very excited, because I believe he's one of the few people, that will undersand, how to do this.
What Were The Channels For?
lectromagnetic Transport Levitation
Now - what were the channels for? I'm not gonna go through this, you can look at this: the electromagnetic transport levitation, the channels between the circles, where actually transportation devices for things, that levitated above them. Its called "Quantum locking", go look it for yourself. You will freak out when you see it, it is beautiful! Look here: Quantum Levitation and Man levitates

But I wanna share this with you guys, cause this is really the major breakthrough.
And I'm going to take five more minutes to end here.

Earth Grid
connected by all the ancient sites!

Ancient cultures knew that there was an energy grid around the world. We are only re-discovering this energy grid. And it seems to me, that this ancient cultures built all their sacret temples and sights on these nodal points, on these energies of this giant energy grid around the world. And this is what you find with all the ancient sights, right!

And there is Adams Calendar, look, right there - bang )X ! And the pyramid, right above it! And there is something over here )X. I don't know what that is, but we need to check it out!

So play with this! Go look on google earth. When you find something, please email me, if you do find! Share it!


So this is phenomenal, because then you find this great tablet. And this is real! This is not even a Sitchin translation. This comes from the Shoin collection of Oslo. And it says: "In distant days, in those days, after destinies had been decreed, after An and Enlil had set up the regulations for Heaven and Earth, Enki, the exalted knowing god… by the rules for Heaven and Earth, the fixed rules, he set up cities." My God, what are they telling us here?! They knew that there was an energy grid that covered the earth, and that this energy grid was somehow echoed in the sky. The Rules For Heaven And Earth. This was mimic in the sky.

What Were The Ancient Sites
All About?

And there is a lot more information, I can share with you about physical evidence, that there is in fact this energy grid in the sky! It is also now evident, that the Anunnaki were the ones, that put this energy grid in the sky! Two days before I left to come here, I had a phonecall from a guy, that knows how to measure this stuff. He has no idea, that I'm talking about this! Out of the blue he told me: "You know what I started measuring this weird energy grids above the northpole and above the southpole. They are about 20 kilometers. And I found scattered fragments of it around the world! Its circuits are 1:06.38 the remains of some ancient energy grid around the planet!" And I said: "Can I quote you?" And he said: "No rather not!" So I mention your name. So one mention the guys name, cause he's running a little scared at the moment!

But there is a lot more information I can share with you on that point: this is exciting. Cause remember what it says here: "The Rules, The Fixed Rules for Heaven and Earth". And then suddenly I discovered that David Wilcock has been talking about these rules, that are encoded in the emblems of the airforce and the army - and whatever, in the military. And they refer to these bands around the earth as the rules. I don't know where they come from, but they've always been there. So guess what the Sumerian Tablets just tell us, where they come from, and who put them in place!


And that suddenly brings us to what the ancient temples were! That they were built on all these nodal points of this flow of energy around the planet. And this is - for me - being the aha moment of the last four or five months! Thinking the energy devices in South Africa, which are sure now - hopefully you agree with me - that there are real energy devices - with the other ancient sights.

What were these ancient sights all about? Because when you look at them, many of them, they have just too many pillars and not enough space. But be still told that it is for the worshipping of this god and offering of this year, and then meat over here, bread over there - and you gotta worship there and you sing. Sorry, but this doesn't make any sense! That's all nonsensical crab, that they are feeding us.

So, what I also found is that this obelisk, actually just rings like a bell! When I put my ear next to this, and hear Newman 1:07:05 tap to the other side, I couldn't believe it! It's just like those stones, that I was ringing. They ring like bells, these obelisks! And I realized, that they are actually Giant Antennas! And we are dealing with Advanced Technology on a GIGANTIC Scale! And the fact that too many pillars and not enough space, that these pillars were actually giant antennas, either sucking energy out of the sky, or putting energy back into the sky, or possibly both.

Advanced Technology
on a giantic scale!

And this is, where it gets really exciting, because I realized, that this advanced technology and that giant scale has got nothing to do with worshipping god, the making offerings, but in fact we're …star 1:07:55 looking clearly at these, they don't make any sense. Look, these weird rectangular structures, that many of them don't have doors and entrances, just like the stone circles…



And you realize, what's going on here. And even at the Panthenon. When you look around the Panthenon, the main structure there, the remains of lot of geometric structures. And the greeks by the way didn't put the Panthenon, they inherited it! Just like the Pyramids were inherited. And when you start looking, there is this amphitheater, that leads to this entrance, and it's connected to this enctrance! Too many pillars, not enough space, weird geometric structures and shapes, that don't make any sense! And here we got another one! These giant things to what they say 'is the dwelling corners 1:08:37, the dwelling area. But it doesn't look like a living area, when you look at it at all, actually! Because many of them have weird looking entrances … and - it doesn't make any sense!

And this is one of my favourites! Look at this, just these bloody pillars, like going crazy. And that big open area over there. And here you got concentric circles in front of it! What the hell is going on here?!

(Somebody is asking for the names of the temples. Michael: "O sorry, I should have put it here!")

This is why: I found a table, next to where Louise and I were visiting some friends in Johannesburg and there was a book next to our bed with areal fotographs with ancient sights. And this is, when I had … (laughter in the audience) it was a bit funny , when I had... 1:09:20..., cause you don't often see areal sights of ancient sights. Areal fotographs - ancient sights. And this is, where the penny dropped for me!

I realized that the temples are actually Templates! And you start seeing, that it's got nothing to do with worshipping, that these are actually templates and are Giant Energy Circuit Boards! That's what we're dealing with! And that changes everything, we're dealing with, people!


Now we got a connection to the stone circles in South Africa, that's what we're dealing with! And it changes everything, people! Now we got a connection to the stone circles in South Africa, generating energy, and you realize, that this is the whole different cattle of fish! (audience applauding and whistling) 1:10:00


Look at this: you know, what is this made of? This is Silica and Gold...
Silica! ...Giant Pillars made of Silica! It's insane!


And when you start looking now, now you just go crazy! Please go and look for this! You'll gonna go nuts! You gonna stay up at night!

And they use Water - not just Silica, but next to Silica, Water is as conductive and contains memory stores information, just like Silica and … and all that 1:10:39 surrounded by Silica. And when you look at Barbadoure, when you look at the areal fotographs, it looks like it's alive! I took it out of here, cause I thought, it will safe time! (it isn't really :-)) It looks like if it's alife!

Barbadur… it's like vibrating on the photograph! And you realize, that these are all energy devices.

Those (1) are just large versions of these (2), connecting to the Circuit-Border over here (3), right!?

… And guess what! It just continues! Even the Majas and the Aztecs, they just anthrophomorphosize these layouts of Circuit-Boards, so that they doesn't give it away - and you put human beings in there and that hides the real purpose for what it is!

And the Pyramids, all those weird Mastabas around the Pyramid, the pyramids geometric structures around it. Look, there you go: there is one Pyramid, second Pyramid, third Pyramid )^x And you realize, that's what these things really are!

The Energy Grid Around The Earth Is The Rules!
The sound, the humans create on earth,
provides the Energy for the Anunnaki

(added comment) so we come to the point to think about the noise we always have caused by domesticating animals, by raping them and tearing them away from their parents, by giving them unspeakable torture... and at least by transporting them to their execution - and by their slaughter! Tolstoi and so many others (Pythagoras, Keppler, Leonardo Da Vinci, Platon, Sokrates, ... and not to forget Jesus and Buddha - told the humans, that they must stop eating death, when they want to have a happy and compassionate life! They told, that everything we do, every energy we send out, comes back onto us!

The UNITED NATIONS have told already 2010
to ALL GOVERNMENTS and RULERS in the world
that humanity will only survive, when they globally will live vegan!

In vast investigations, they found out, that eating animals kills also the humans by heavy diseases and destroys Mother Earth! Dr. Colin Campbell, who advised Ex-President Bill Clinton to live strictly on a vegan diet, after he had suffered a heartattack with four bypasses and his survival was at a high risk, published his book "China Study", which revealed, that almost every disease comes from eating ANY animal product, even small portions or even very infrequently! So diseases like cancer, heart attack, stroke, parkinsons, alzheimer's, diabetes I and II, influenza, flu, cold, and so on and so on, could easily be prevented ... or cured by special herbal diets, grass, vegetables, microminerals, pure water and other natural things.

Humans making bad sound: Not to forget the amphitheaters, the slavery, wars, hard work (which the human race only had to suffer and take until now, because we let the animals work so hard for us without compassion for them, because we treat them so unrighteously... but expect FREE LIFE, FREE ENERGY, FREE THOUGHTS; FREE WORK, everything free for ourselves! And just think about the awful noise, that is done every single day by our giant industry, by bomb testing and by wars... by traffic, by awful music, by bad films, which show only brulality and let war and fighting be exciting, cool and "in" for the people who are watching!... All the fights at home, are the result of negative emotions, which come from eating rubbish like refined sugars, refined salt, white flour and bread, and not to forget bodies of dead animals ... which all makes the humans aggressive and hyper active.... and so forth...

And this is the Rules:
The Energy Grid around the Earth!
And guess what! The Human Sound was the Energy that fed the needs! And this is - I believe - the circuit boards, with their energy devices, that kept this energy grid around Planet Earth. And the Humans were the providers of the energy, through their sound! This is, why they got empathy at this, connected to these circuit boards! They get a bunch of people in there, they get them excited, they created a lot of sounds and they kickstart this whole circuit thing!
So and this does it not just in Greece, but in also in the other ancient sights! There is the amphitheater connected to this circuit board. And there is another one amphitheater, connected with the circuit board up on the mountain.
We Are The Source Of Our Own Enslavement!
The sound, the humans create on earth,
provides the Energy for the Anunnaki

(Audience whistling, whoowing, applauding!)

Why Do Churches Have Steeples?

Why do churches have steeples? Why do people wanna get electrocuted in there?

Because they gather in there, they fold with fear! They think that god is gonna kill them. Fear us a very strong energy! They sing, they chant, they do all kinds of weird stuff, and that creates energy.

And that gets converted into business centers and cities, where we make a lot of NOISE. Human beings are extremely noisy! We never stop making a noise!

o o

And it's the sound energy of humanity, that seems to feed these creatures out there, that feed of our energy.
Unfortunately most of the sounds we make, is driven by fear! Because remember: we have captives in a planet, that is filled with fear, our entire reality! Because believe me, all of us on some level are still filled with fear! You may not regognize this. It's unfortunately very powerful thing! These guys have been at it for thoursands of thousands of thousands of years! They are Masters at manipulation!

And these are the connecting channels and the connecting, that connect the cities, that make the noise - just making more noise! So people and cities are the source of energy!
What Have We Learnt From This?

And on that note: what have we learnt from this? I'm gonna leave this up to you, because this is all in my new book, called "UBUNTU contributionism, blueprint for human prosperity - a world without money" And this is, where this was leading to!

I'm gonna finish here and ask you, to please leave from here, cause I haven't really shared the last most important part of this presentation, leave here and be the seed of consciousness! Don't be fearful of what you know, share it with everybody, because once they've heard it, they cannot unhear it!

And whether they know it or not, they will resonate that knowledge and that information with everyone they come into contact with, even if they don't come into contact with them. They all themselves become seeds of consciousnesses. This is how we exponentially grow this consciousness and release ourselves from this prisoned planet, that is really not our destiny.

So thank you for listening! Thank you very much, people!


The Morphological Energy Field will stay "RED" for Free Energy, regardless of how close we might come with discoveries and technical eventions ... because the RULE OF THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE cannot be changed for a destructive species, because this would mean, that hatred, slaughter and all the other things that we have adopted, thinking it as our destined behaviour, would spread wider and wider through the Universe. As long as we do not discover, that we only extinct ourselves by a living without compassion for any other living creature, and that there IS NO LIVING on a Deaths Diet, or on using others to make our own living on a rude behavious against others... just to make "PROFIT" ... and to gain MONEY, FAME, socalled HONOR and GLORY ... or to win any fight... the doors to a HEAVEN ON EARTH will remain closed for us! Because this would only mean a Heaven for selfisch Selves, but not for those who suffer in the name of the Humans!

DasMorphologische Energiefeld bleibt auf "ROT", so lange die Menschen nicht Mitgefühl für alle Wesen leben!
Und sie können noch so viel Freie Energie und andere tolle Dinge erfinden: so lange sie töten, werden sie diese Quellen nie nützen dürfen!

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