This is my Couch in Bavaria, near the Bavarian-Alps

I definitely have a Couch for you
Preferred gender
the maximum number of surfers that I can accommodate
Sorry, wheelchair not accessible: no elevator, second floor, small flat
Smoking, drinking Alcohol
Meat, dairy-products: eggs, milk, cheese and else
German is my mother-tongue, I speak Turkish and English well.
Contact-Method: You can contact me via
Email: regina.rau(at) or via telephone: +49 (0)8851-2419927
If you want to stay with me, please sign in at couchsurfing
and send me an "accommodation request"
about my Couch

My name is Regina Rau, I am living in "Kochel am See", right at the foot of the Bavarian Pre-Alps and close to the beautiful wellknown City "Garmisch-Partenkirchen"
I am a Painting-Artist and a Reaincarnation-Therapist, living in a small flat with two rooms, a living room - and sleeping/working-room, bathroom and small kitchen.

Map of Kochel and Surrounding
I live in the Bavarian Prealps and the Bavarian Alps are not very far - mim. 6 km from my home. The "Karwendel" or "Wetterstein" Mountains 36 km.
We have any landscape you prefer, that is brooks, rivers, swamps, waterfalls, flat hills and steep mountains. We have many beautiful seas around here, such as the beautyfull "Kochelsee" and the Bavarian Southsea "Walchensee". Which is always full of sufers, sailors and SUP'Boarders.
And you can hike whatever kind of trail you prefer. I live right at the food of the Bavarian Pre-Alps

I am a NON-Smoker - and a strikt vegan Rawfoodist

My Place - how to get there via S-Bahn (S7) and Bus
I am living alone in a small town near the Bavarian Mountains. You can get there via Train: from Munich mainstation "Hauptbahnhof" to "Kochel" which runs regularly every hour from 4:54 o'clock in the morning - to 23:23 o'clock in the night.) from the Munich train mainstation "Hauptbahnhof" Kochel (trip takes about 66 Minutes). From there you have it is only a 5 Minutes walk.

(The ticket costs about 18 € "one way" or 25 € "full day Bavarian ticket".
Maybe you can get cheaper partner- and/or group-tickets).

My Place - how to get there via Autobahn (Highway)
Or you can get there by car via Autobahn (Highway) "A95" to Großweil (64,4 km), and from there via "Kochelerstraße) 6,4 km to Kochel. see the map here)
There are many public busses to all directions - and also there are trains to the mountains from Bad Tölz or from Munich Mainstation (Hauptbahnhof)).

You can sleep in the living room on a couch (two people can sleep there together) - or on a futon or extra-matress on the floor. I sleep in my own sleeping/working-room. I have blankets enough for 4 people. Depending on how many people you are - I can give you accomodation between 1 day - up to 4 days if you are alone. As a couple or upt to 4 people it is only possible for maximum 2 days. And: it depends on how well we will understand each other.

Kitchen and "food preparing"
If you would prefer to know more about my eating habits and eat salads with me - or freshly prepared Gourmet-Rawfood, this would be quite nice. For emergency cases I have a "one plated electrical cooker" or also an electrical "WOK".
I would like to be respected as a strikt vegan Rawfoodist. Therefore I do not permit cooking flesh, or any animal-products, such as meat and sausages and eggs or cheese, joghurt and else. Cooking on the stove must be DIY

Bath and/or Shower
You can take a bath or a shower. I would like to charge 3 Euros for a shower or bath (for the heated water soap, shampoo and fresh towels).

Freetime: Painting- or Reincarnation-Sessions
Who ever likes, can have a session for painting (any tecnique you like). Or you can test "Reincarnation-therapy" or have a full session of 4-5 hours. The Cost depends from 50 to 250 Euros = (ca. 65 to 320 Dollars)

I am able to show you around when you have a car (I have no car) or pay the train-ticket for me. Also I can show you extraordinarily beautiful trips in the mountains (no climbing).

Feel welcome to my tiny place!

How much privacy will you have?
will you share the same room with someone?
will you share the same sleepingplace with someone?

If you are two people or more, you will have to share the room together. How much privacy you can have, depends on: how many people you are. If there are only two people, at least some privacy will be there.

E-Mail: regina.rau(at)


Kochel am See

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